Angel Fairywinkle-Cosma is the counterpart of Anti-Angel.

 Character Info:

Angel is Poof's cousin and Snozmo and Blonda's fairy baby daughter. She takes after her mother quite a bit, except she's nicer and more generous. She wants to follow into her mother's footsteps and become an actress. Unlike Poof, she can talk in full sentences, yet has a very simple vocabulary and talks like a valley girl. She is somewhat close with Poof, yet prefers to do her own thing.


Angel is very sweet, ditzy, and charming, but also a little snobby. She is very outgoing and optimistic, but also pretty naive. She's not as popular as her mother, but is known throughout Fairy World as "Blonda's baby daughter," to her dismay. She isn't too bright, but she's smarter than Poof, and can comprehend a few things. Unlike her mother, she's very generous and likes helping others, yet also likes being the center of attention, and doesn't like working too hard.


  • She is often lied to by Snozmo.
  • She loves watching movies and TV shows in her spare time, especially All My Biceps.
  • She is easily intimidated by Jorgen, like most of the fairies and anti-fairies.
  • She is usually very kind-hearted.
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