Angel is another fairy baby. She is Poof's best girl friend.

Background & History

Angel was born in Fairy World on June 6th, 2012. Her parents are Snozmo and Blonda. Like her mother, she became famous due to doing TV commercials. She was also on Blonda's reality show. She goes to Spellementary School with Foop, Poof, and Anti Angel. She is also trying to book a role on a famous TV show or movie.

Personality & Appearance

Angel is much like both her dad and mom. She sometimes lies and gets into trouble like Snozmo, and is a demanding supernova like Blonda. She is pretty nice though, and would care for others less than her. She likes to volunteer at times. She is very much a girly-girl. She likes fashion and makeup.

She is a round baby like Poof, and has a blue strand of hair with blue footie pajamas. She has the typical crown & wings as fairies. She has blue eyes. In other drawings, she has blonde hair much like Blonda's and wears a cute dress with a hearted ribbony scarf and wears gold hoop earrings.

As a teenager, she'd have much longer hair.

Fun Facts

  • Angel shares the name with Foop's girly alter-ego.
  • She is very popular, but has few close friends.
  • She wants to star in Fuller House as a new baby.
  • She is pretty nice.
  • She is very similar to Mackenzie Hollister in Dork Diaries, Lexi Reed in ANT Farm, Lacienega in the Proud Family, Lola & Lexx in the Loud House, and Ally Dawson from Austin & Ally.