Anti-Angel Cosma-Fairywinkle is the counterpart of Angel.

 Character Info:

Anti-Angel is Foop's cousin, and Anti-Blonda and Anti-Snozmo's baby daughter. She is much like her mother and father, and Foop. She doesn't get her counterpart's love of drama, and prefers to learn how to cook like her mother. She is very adventurous and fearless, but also has a mischievous side where she likes to scheme revenge pranks on those who wronged her. She is pretty close to Foop, and has had a few inside jokes with him.


Anti-Angel has an opposite personality to Angel, but not completely. She is very smart, devious, and somewhat manipulative, yet is very nice. She is also very humorous and likes helping others less fortunate than her. She also likes learning new things and is very fond of attending Spellementary School in another year.


  • She approves of her father's honesty, but hates Snozmo's lies.
  • She sometimes gets herself into trouble without meaning to.
  • She can be very sassy and has great comebacks to ward off bullies.
  • She likes making new friends, yet doesn't have the best social skills sometimes.
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