Anti-Blonda Fairywinkle-Cosma is the counterpart of Blonda.

 Character Info:

Anti-Blonda is Anti-Wanda's twin sister and the opposite of Blonda. Unlike Blonda, Anti-Blonda isn't a snobby celebrity. Instead, she's a struggling chef who's very skilled at cooking and baking. She often struggles to get her meals out there, even though nearly every anti-fairy and fairy likes her food. She is also very modest and doesn't brag about her cooking abilities. She also gets along with Anti-Wanda fabulously and did everything together before Anti-Wanda became human.


Anti-Blonda has a totally opposite personality to Blonda. While Blonda is self-absorbed, snobby, and ditzy, Anti-Blonda is very selfless, kind, and intelligent. She is very good at cooking, but is often insecure about her food not becoming really popular.


  • She wants to open up a restaurant, but Jorgen forbids restaurants in Anti-Fairy World.
  • She is very loving towards Anti-Snozmo and her daughter, Anti-Angel.
  • She and Anti-Wanda are very close.
  • She doesn't like Blonda's snobbishness, or Snozmo's dishonesty.
  • She is often overlooked, but aspires to do her best.
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