Anti-Cosmo Cosma is the counterpart of Cosmo.

 Character Info:

Anti-Cosmo is Foop's dad. Since all Anti-Fairies are complete opposites to their fairies counterparts, Anti-Cosmo is the total opposite of Cosmo, being that he's highly intelligent, devious, manipulative, and cunning. The only thing they share is their common caring personality and the way they want to help those in need. He often leads the other anti-fairies and aspires to rule the world.


Anti-Cosmo is very similar to Foop. He's devious, manipulative, cunning, but also very caring. He loves his son a lot, but doesn't always appear a lot.


  • His worst enemy is Jorgen Von Strangle.
  • He speaks in a posh British accent.
  • He can be very charming.
  • He is highly intelligent, much unlike Cosmo.
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