Anti-Fairies are the counterpart of Fairies.


Anti-Fairies have also been around for a very long time. The Anti-Fairy Council and Anti-Jorgen were among the first anti-fairies. They often are seen trying to cause bad luck on Friday the 13th, yet not always. They are often harassed by Jorgen and they have much of their powers and freedoms restricted by Jorgen. They originally lived in Fairy World in a big prison guarded by Jorgen, but has since escaped and formed their own world, Anti-Fairy World. They try to avoid Jorgen and the other fairies, but occasionally big battles between fairies and anti-fairies occur.

Much of the modern anti-fairies like Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, Anti-Blonda, Anti-Snozmo, Anti-Juandissimo, Raven, and Darko came about when more anti-fairies began giving birth in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Female anti-fairies have often been the ones to give birth, but on rare occasions, males gave birth after getting extra female fairy hormones.

 Notable Members

  1. Anti-Cosmo (formerly)
  2. Anti-Wanda (formerly)
  3. Foop (formerly)
  4. Anti-Sparky (formerly)
  5. Anti-Goldie (formerly)
  6. Pentrenellisytheniso (if Foop and Goldie never became humans)
  7. Callie (if Poof and Anti-Goldie never became humans)
  8. Anti-Blonda
  9. Anti-Snozmo
  10. Anti-Angel
  11. Anti-Cupid
  12. Anti-Jorgen
  13. Anti-Juandissimo
  14. Raven
  15. Darko (formerly)
  16. Anti-Fairy Council
  17. Anti-Mama Cosma
  18. Anti-Papa Cosma
  19. Anti-Big Daddy
  20. Anti-Mama Fairywinkle


  • They are often mistaken as evil by the general public, when really only a handful of them are (like Anti-Cupid, Darko, Anti-Goldie, and Callie.)
  • They are the most powerful between the three magical species (of anti-fairies, fairies, and pixies), yet get many restrictions when under Jorgen's control.
  • They don't have to abide by Da Rules no matter how much Jorgen tries to force them to.
  • They are most likely to rebel against Jorgen.
  • They are not allowed to have godchildren, except on one rare circumstance when the Anti-Fairy Council made Foop look after Vicky.
  • They often get abused by Jorgen, and originally Zhan Tiri hundreds of years ago.
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