The Anti-Fairy Council is the counterpart of the Fairy Council.

 Character Info:

The Anti-Fairy Council is pretty much like the Supreme Court for the anti-fairies. They often decide on the decorum the anti-fairies should follow, however they don't believe in having a long list of rules like in the Da Rules book. However, Jorgen has overthrown them, and they now have little power in Anti-Fairy World aside from doing Jorgen's errands.


The Anti-Fairy Council are strong, authoritative types. They care about their fellow anti-fairies (for the most part) and doing what's right. They can be commanding, but are fair, unlike Jorgen.


  • They don't like any of Jorgen's rules that he put in Da Rules.
  • They are the oldest fairies - even older than Anti-Jorgen and Jorgen himself!
  • They can be very intimidating sometimes.
  • They can be kind of strict.
  • They founded Anti-Fairy World.
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