Anti-Fairy World is where all the anti-fairies live.


After the anti-fairies decided they had enough living in Jorgen's prison, they decided to form their own world based on their own preferences. They failed coming up with a theme at first, until the Anti-Fairy Council decided to make it the pure opposite of Fairy World - dark, gloomy, and somewhat creepy. The other anti-fairies all agreed to that idea, and since then it's looked darker than Fairy World.

When Anti-Cosmo was a baby, Anti-Papa Cosma bought a castle for the Cosma family to live in. When Anti-Cosmo reached adulthood, he decided to still live in the castle and personalize it. He and Anti-Wanda raised Foop in there until they became humans.

List of Residents

  1. Anti-Cosmo (formerly)
  2. Anti-Wanda (formerly)
  3. Foop (formerly)
  4. Anti-Sparky (formerly)
  5. Anti-Goldie (formerly)
  6. Anti-Blonda
  7. Anti-Snozmo
  8. Anti-Angel
  9. Anti-Cupid
  10. Anti-Jorgen
  11. Anti-Juandissimo
  12. Raven
  13. Darko (formerly)
  14. Anti-Fairy Council
  15. Anti-Mama Cosma
  16. Anti-Papa Cosma
  17. Anti-Big Daddy
  18. Anti-Mama Fairywinkle


  • Jorgen often terrorizes Anti-Fairy World.
  • Anti-Fairy World has a strong security system to protect the anti-fairies from Jorgen.
  • Anti-Fairy World has a droopy, black star wand called the Anti-Big Wand to harness the anti-fairies' powers.
    • Despite it being very droopy, it's very strong, and possibly even stronger than the Big Wand in Fairy World.
  • It is often the place Anti-Cosmo held his meetings for Friday the 13th plans.
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