Anti-Jorgen Von Elgnarts is the counterpart of Jorgen.

 Character Info:

Anti-Jorgen is the polar opposite of Jorgen and the weakest anti-fairy in the universe. He is often seen hiding from various threats that threaten him or his friends. Unlike Jorgen, he truly loves Zhan Tiri and respects her, and wants to treat her right. However, she has frequently rejected him, leaving Anti-Jorgen to be unconfident and fearful from talking to other women he gets crushes on. He is also a skilled ballerina, and often gets made fun of by Jorgen for participating in ballet.


Anti-Jorgen has the exact opposite personality of Jorgen. While Jorgen is mean, tough, and intimidating, Anti-Jorgen is shy, sweet, and easily intimidated. He can be very cowardly and is often seen hiding, eating macaroni and cheese, or practicing ballet.


  • He isn't the most popular anti-fairy in Anti-Fairy World.
  • He is frequently harassed by Jorgen.
  • He got jealous of Jorgen for marrying Zhan Tiri in 1430.
  • He is a prime target for bullies.
  • He wants to stand up to Jorgen, but doesn't know how.
  • His favorite food is macaroni and cheese, which is the only thing he eats.
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