Anti-Mama Cosma is the counterpart of Mama Cosma.

 Character Info:

Anti-Mama Cosma is the total opposite of Mama Cosma. She isn't overbearing and overprotective like her counterpart. Instead she's cool, level-headed, and somewhat neglectful. She likes both her sons and is usually there to help them out.


Anti-Mama Cosma is the total opposite of Mama Cosma, which means she isn't clingy and overbearing to her sons. She is very respectful of who her sons like, and is quite fond of both Anti-Wanda and Anti-Blonda. She is very motherly, kind, and considerate.


  • She usually had her sons solve their own problems in their childhood.
  • She likes helping others, but can be rather selfish.
  • She likes being fair and doesn't play favorites.
  • She can be somewhat lazy and doesn't really like cleaning.
  • She's often intimidated by Jorgen.
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