Anti-Mama Fairywinkle is the counterpart of Mama Fairywinkle.

 Character Info:

Anti-Mama Fairywinkle is Anti-Wanda and Anti-Blonda's mother. She is the opposite of Mama Fairywinkle, but not completely. She is still married to Anti-Big Daddy and is an avid trash collector. She loves all things dirty and likes comedy. She also loves both of her daughters equally and never seemed to punish them.


Anti-Mama Fairywinkle is very carefree, daring, and hilarious. She is often seen cracking a joke, no matter how insensitive at times. She is pretty nice, but can get carried away when making people laugh. She's also very unhygienic and can be seen making a lot of messes, despite cleaning up trash for a living.


  • She and Anti-Big Daddy become rich from a big trash invention they make together.
  • She is very loving towards Foop, but he often looks down on her.
  • She is very optimistic, yet gets easily intimidated, especially by Jorgen.
  • She likes comedy shows and movies.
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