Anti-Papa Cosma is the counterpart of Papa Cosma.

 Character Info:

Anti-Papa Cosma is Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Snozmo's father. He is the opposite of Papa Cosma and takes after both of his sons. Unlike Papa Cosma, Anti-Papa Cosma never became a fly. Instead, he lives peacefully with Anti-Mama Cosma, and Anti-Snozmo, Anti-Blonda, and Anti-Angel often checking in on him. He was a very cool, smart, and helpful father when Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Snozmo were kids.


Anti-Papa Cosma is a perfect blend of both his sons. He's very devious, manipulative, and cunning like Anti-Cosmo, but very honest, fair, and helpful like Anti-Snozmo. He is very generous and often can be seen helping other anti-fairies and fairies.


  • He often gets picked on by Jorgen.
  • He is very mature and sophisticated.
  • He hates being too harsh and punishing his sons when they were kids.
  • He's a good dad for the most part.
  • He wants to rule the world, like Anti-Cosmo.
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