Anti-Snozmo Cosma-Fairywinkle is the counterpart of Snozmo.

 Character Info:

Anti-Snozmo is Anti-Cosmo's older brother, who is honest, down to earth, and very smart. He is often seen telling it like it is, even unintentionally hurting other's feelings. He is very close with Anti-Cosmo, but sometimes offends him for being too honest. Unlike Snozmo, he really is a secret agent...or at least he was until he blew his cover by being too honest.


He has the exact opposite personality to Snozmo, being that he's honest instead of dishonest. He is a good leader and will be seen leading all anti-fairies and fairies to protest against Jorgen since Anti-Cosmo and Foop both became humans. He is admired for his honesty...for the most part. Sometimes he can be brutally honest and insults people without realizing it, but he's overall a very kind and compassionate anti-fairy who wants to help others.


  • He doesn't like Snozmo due to his dishonest personality.
  • He hates being TOO rude and harsh, even when he can be when telling the truth.
  • He is often awarded for his honesty.
  • Anti-Mama Cosma is extremely proud of him, but wishes he'd be more tactful.
  • He has many friends, but only a few close friends.
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