Anti-Sparky is the counterpart of Sparky.

 Character Info:

Anti-Sparky is Sparky's counterpart and Foop's pet dog. After seeing how much happiness Sparky brought to the Turner family, Foop decided to replace Sparky with Anti-Sparky in order to make them miserable, but later adopted him when he became a regular dog to get away from Jorgen. He is a lot like Foop and can be sometimes very harsh.


Anti-Sparky is a short-tempered, somewhat bossy anti-fairy dog. He hates it when others raise their voice at him or corrects him. He is also extremely mischievous and often plays pranks on others.


  • He has a Cockney British Accent
  • He likes belly rubs, but has a sensitive spot, which he growls when it's touched.
  • He thrives on chaos usually, yet hates Jorgen.
  • He isn't a big cat person.
  • He was abused by Jorgen in the Fairy World pet shop, where he was imprisoned along with Sparky.
  • As a regular dog, he doesn't speak, but is aware of his human owners' speech and other mannerisms.
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