Anti-Wanda Cosma-Fairywinkle is the counterpart of Wanda.

 Character Info:

Anti-Wanda is Foop's mother. She is the exact opposite of her husband. She is pretty loyal, but also clueless. Because all Anti-Fairies are the opposite of their fairy counterparts, instead of being smart and hot-tempered like Wanda, Anti-Wanda is dimwitted and always happy, just like Cosmo. Her IQ is so low that she doesn't know how to eat properly, and as such she eats with her feet.


Anti-Wanda is the exact opposite of Anti-Cosmo. She's ditzy, gullible, and naive. She likes food and eating with her feet. She likes baking and cooking, even if she's terrible at it.


  • Foop gets annoyed by her a lot.
  • She is similar to Cosmo.
  • She commonly foils Anti-Cosmo's plans.
  • She's a pretty good mother.
  • She speaks in a southern accent.
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