Anti Angel is another anti fairy baby. She is best friends with Foop.

Background & History

She was born on Friday the 13th, like all Anti Fairies. Her parents are Anti Snozmo and Anti Blonda. Anti Angel goes to Spellementary School along with Poof & Foop. She started taking cooking classes since she was a newborn.

Personality & Appearance

She shares character traits with her parents. Like Anti Snozmo, she's honest almost to a fault. Like Anti Blonda, she is a superstar cook, and is very kind and nurturing. She is very kind and polite and would never hurt anyone.

She is a blue, square anti fairy. She has a little tooth that pokes out from her mouth and red eyes. She has a little tuft of black hair shaped like a crown. She has the typical wings and crown every anti fairy has. She wears blue pajamas similar to Poof's.

In her original appearance, she has blue hair in three sectioned pigtails and wears blue lipstick. Her pajamas in the original design consisted of a blue jacket, a button down top with a star and pants suit with blue heels at the bottom. On the suit, she had a lightning bolt and heart on the front.

Fun Facts

  • She is very cool and calm.
  • She gets nervous a lot.
  • She can cook very well.
  • She tells every loyal friend the truth, no matter how much it hurts.
  • She is incredibly honest and fair.
  • She is very similar to Echo from Mr. Young, Olive from ANT Farm, Darcy from the Loud House, Penny from the Proud Family, and Ginny from Harry Potter.