Anti Big Daddy is Anti Wanda & Anti Blonda's dad.

Background & History

Anti Big Daddy was CEO of his fathers company when he was just 4 years old. He started life successfully, and would help anyone get through hard times. He was very popular in school, and attracted so many girls, but was more into Anti Mama Fairywinkle, who was unique.

He married her after high school graduation, and fell deeply in love. He and Anti Mama Fairywinkle had 2 girls, and loved them ever since day 1.

Personality & Appearance

He is very cool, suave, manipulative, and charming. He likes to bake and eat, much like Anti Wanda and Anti Blonda. He is very strict with them sometimes, but is very permissive most of the time. He is very chill and would never want anyone to hurt his family. He is very close to Foop, being a lot alike.

He is a stumpy looking anti fairy who wears a fancy blue suit with a blue top-hat. He has the typical wings and wand.


  • He likes who Anti Wanda married.
  • He is super cool and collected.
  • He never disappoints anyone.
  • He is very gentle.
  • He is similar to Barack Obama, Uncle Jesse in Full House, and Anti Timmy's old teacher, DC.