Anti Blonda is Anti Wanda's sister.

Background & History

Anti Blonda was born after Anti Wanda. She was frequently praised for cooking. She even taught Anti Wanda the basics of cooking. She went to the same school as every other fairy and anti fairy. She helped part time in the school kitchen, and even had to skip high school since she was accepted to a fancy cooking school in France. She had accepted the offer, then after graduating reunited with Anti Wanda. She and Anti Snozmo, her husband she met in France, then got to be godparents to Anti Timmy's old friend, Kiana, and even became a food judge on Food Network.

Personality & Appearance

Anti Blonda is the exact opposite of Blonda as she is famous in cooking, not show biz. She is a very nice anti fairy because of this. She is friendly to most, but hates anyone who is mean, pushy, demanding, or just plain dumb. She is very nice and considerate to everyone's feelings. She is a skilled chef and loves going to restaurants to critique their menus and pick the best foods.

She looks very similar to Anti Wanda, except she has lighter hair. She likes wearing stylish clothes, but prefers wearing sweats most of the time.

Fun Facts

  • Anti Blonda was on the Rachel Ray show.
  • Anti Blonda hates food faux pas.
  • She likes giving back to the hungry.
  • She bakes cookies on Christmas to donate them to needy people.
  • She isn't selfish or vain like Blonda is.
  • She's similar to Gabi in Young & Hungry, PJ in Good Luck Charlie, and Luan in the Loud House.