Anti Cosmo is Cosmo's smart anti fairy counterpart.

Background & History

Anti Cosmo was born on Friday, October 13th, 1972. His parents are Anti Mama Cosma and Anti Papa Cosma. He has a super honest brother, Anti Snozmo. He went to Spellementary School, like Foop, and he was the best in his class. He was best friends with his wife, Anti Wanda as kids. They started dating in high school.

He was locked in Anti Fairy World due to a grudge Jorgen held since high school. Because of this, he and his friends could never go out on Friday the 13th, their hallowed day, and their birthday.

A twerpy bucktoothed human, Timmy, finally let him and all the other anti fairies free due to a wish to Cosmo and Wanda, his fairy godparents.

He later had a chance to have a godchild, Anti Timmy, who later got turned into an anti fairy herself.

Personality & Appearance

Anti Cosmo is a very kind and smart anti fairy. He looks at the best in others, but would destroy anyone who was just pure evil. He has a British accent and wears a monocle. He wears a fancy coat with a blue bowler hat. He has fangs like most anti fairies, plus pointy ears and green eyes. He is blue all over like all the anti fairies.

Fun Facts

  • Unlike Cosmo, Anti Cosmo never gave birth to a baby.
  • He is a lot like Hillary Clinton, Minkus from Boy Meets World, Lisa, Levi, and Hugh in the Loud House, Albert Einstein or Anti Timmy's friend Menlo.
  • Anti Cosmo speaks with such eloquence and poise.
  • He is very resourceful.
  • He is the dad of Foop.
  • He is very, very smart and sometimes devious.
  • He isn't evil, but he's the opposite to Cosmo.