Anti Cupid is the Anti Fairy of hate.

Background & History

Anti Cupid has no real family or friends, even as a child. This made him grow more and more hateful. He never sees his parents, and he doesn't have any siblings. He is very alone half the time. He likes to split up couples because he feels no one else should love ever.

Personality & Appearance

Anti Cupid is the only mean, evil, and hateful anti fairy known. He makes it his goal to ruin others lives. He's not all bad though, as he can help others on occasion, but mostly when it benefits him in some way. He is one to hold grudges an awful lot, so no one ever dares speak to him in fear he'd get mad at somebody. He is easily angered and he can get verbally aggressive when things don't go his way.

Anti Cupid is an anti fairy who wears a bow tie with a black jacket and a shirt with black hearts (just like his heart). He has black hair that curls up at the top, and a typical anti fairy crown and wings. He also wears a blue diaper.

Fun Facts

  • He's the opposite to Cupid
  • He is very lonely half the time.
  • He has no friends, only enemies.
  • He wants to break up every and any loving couple.
  • He wants to vomit at the word "love".
  • He shares traits with Jorgen, being they are the meanest in both their respective species.
  • He's very similar to Anti Timmy's arch-nemesis, Dale, Regina George in Mean Girls, Alan in Mighty Med, & Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter.