The Anti Fairy Council are the judges of Anti Fairy World.

Background & History

They started out as average anti fairy godparents, but they then decided to influence more people, and they signed up to be judges of the other Anti fairies. They first appeared in Fairly Odd Parents when they told Foop about evil Vicky, and to fake being her anti fairy godparent. Then they praised Foop for turning in Sparky to switch him for Anti Sparky. Then they notified Foop of anti fairy world being chaotic, thanks to Chloe Carmichael, Timmy's overly perky friend. They also are responsible for building Anti Fairy World and redecorating it.

Personality & Appearance

One may think the Anti fairies are up to no good, but that's far from the truth, as they have the Anti Fairy Council to guide them in the right direction. They are very brave and helpful, and they always give Foop good advice. They are charitable as well, but hates when Chloe Carmichael was wrecking Anti Fairy World just for doing good things. They are very noble and kind.

The Anti Fairy Council consists of three members, all of whom have mustaches and beards. They wear robes that reflect their favorite colors, and their skin colors are the same colors as their robes. One anti fairy council member has teal skin, while another has blue skin, and the other has red skin. They have the typical anti fairy crowns and wings.

Fun Facts

  • They rule Anti Fairy World.
  • They are similar in occupation as the judges on the supreme court.
  • They know right from wrong.
  • They like to debate the important issues.