Anti Fairy World is where all the anti fairies live.

History & Background

Anti Fairy World was constructed magically by the anti fairy council. It just became this big and beautiful town overnight. It actually started out pink and girly, until anti fairies grew bored of the idea, and made it look more dark and scary. One fateful day, Anti Cosmo was born, and he became president of Anti Fairy World, but the congressional court, the Anti Fairy council weren't amused.

List of Residents

  1. Anti Cosmo
  2. Anti Wanda
  3. Foop
  4. Anti Timmy
  5. Anti Sparky
  6. Anti Jorgen
  7. Anti Cupid
  8. Anti Juandissimo
  9. Anti Snozmo
  10. Anti Blonda
  11. Anti Angel

Fun Facts

  • It's built better than Fairy World, who's world is directly below Giant Bucket Of Acid World, an acidic bucket floating beneath it.
  • It isn't seen much in Fairly Odd Parents.
  • It is much more big and broad than just Anti Cosmo's castle. It is even bigger than Fairy World with the Enchanting Woods trailing behind Anti Cosmo's castle.
  • This is the main location in Fairly Odd Parent's spin-off, Anti Fairly Odd Maddie.
  • It is cooler than Fairy World, as it isn't so hopelessly bright.