Anti Jorgen is Jorgen's weak anti fairy counterpart.

Background & History

Anti Jorgen was always weak and frail, even as a baby. He was born prematurely, which didn't help. He chose to wear ballet tutus and dresses because he feels comfortable in them, but is insecure when Jorgen, his counterpart makes snide comments about dresses on guys being too girly. He is the opposite of Jorgen in many ways.

Personality & Appearance

He is the opposite of Jorgen. He is nice instead of mean, weak instead of tough, and insecure instead of strong. He is frightened of a lot of things. He is very self conscious of his body, and Jorgen making fun of it never helps.

He is a blue anti fairy with Jorgen's head on a skinny ballerina's body. In other drawings he looks much like Gus, Anti Timmy's frail friend.

Fun Facts

  • He isn't into sports.
  • He prefers being indoors than outside.
  • He is very insecure on his weight being too thin.
  • He is very shy.
  • He's similar to Gwen, an American Girl doll from 2009, Darcy from the Loud House, and a wimpier Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.