Anti Juandissimo is another anti fairy.

Background & History

Anti Juandissimo was born and raised in Anti Fairy world. He was taught how to work hard for what he wants. He did just that. He went to Spellementary school when he was younger, and was able to go to high school early during 8th grade, along with Anti Cosmo. He started karate at 5 years old and eventually got his black belt at 16. He then taught karate a bit after receiving his black belt. He met Juandissimo at Spellementary school, and they had an instant rivalry. He was born on Friday the 13th like all anti fairies.

Personality & Appearance

Anti Juandissimo is a very deep anti fairy. He's very philosophical, bright, and handsome, yet he doesn't care about his looks the way Juandissimo, his fairy counterpart, does. He is super influential and brave. He never hesitates to get himself dirty for the good of others. He is very charitable and likes to volunteer, but never to the extreme of Timmy's obsessive friend, Chloe. He is very noble, and he does what's right, but at the same time loves to do things for himself as well, since he is pretty important.

He is a blue anti fairy with some of Juandissimo's muscles and the same hair as him. He has the typical bat wings and crown that make up an anti fairy. He has red eyes, fangs, and a pronounced stubble on his chin. He likes to wear cozy clothes.

Fun Facts

  • Anti Juandissimo doesn't like the things Juandissimo likes.
  • He is very kind and forgiving, unlike Juandissimo.
  • He has muscles too, because he does a lot of kung fu.
  • He isn't very strong, but makes up for it with smarts.
  • He hates mirrors and only likes to break them.
  • His godchild is Megan A, one of Anti Timmy's friends.
  • He's very similar to Demi Lovato, Dang from Mr. Young, and Rowan Blanchard.