Anti Levi (most commonly referred to as Lisa) is the newest Anti fairy. She stars in the Loud House.

Background & History

As the smartest Loud sibling, Lisa's taken a pride in her studies - even as a newborn. She loves science and math and takes pride in her experiments. She has 10 siblings all of whom are completely different - Lori, the oldest sibling, Leni, the dumbest sibling, Luna, the rock star, Luan the funniest sibling, Lynn, the sportiest sibling, Lincoln, her only brother, Lucy, the gothic sibling, Lana, the tomboy, Lola, the beauty queen, and Lily, her youngest baby sibling.

She became an anti fairy due to getting anti fairy godparents, and they granted her wish to be one of them, away from her meddling siblings.

Personality & Appearance

Lisa is a very smart anti fairy, possibly more so than all the others. She is very kind, yet at times can be self-centered. She doesn't like people assuming the worst of her and claiming they don't like her without knowing her. She is also crafty and devious, and is willing to turn against every fairy.

She is a taller anti fairy with short and layered blue hair. She wears glasses and has the typical crown, wings, and wand. She commonly wears a turtleneck with long trousers.

In her human appearance, she looks similar, except she has fair skin, brown hair, and wears a green turtleneck with pink trouser pants.

Fun Facts

  • She is only 4 years old.
  • She bears a resemblance to Anti Timmy, her closest friend.
  • She loves science.
  • She isn't a main anti fairy.
  • She became bad and rebellious once due to her brother, Lincoln, wanting to change her look.
  • She has 10 siblings (one brother and 9 sisters)
  • She's a Nobel Prize recipient.
  • She likes using big words.
  • She is the only baby/toddler anti fairy who isn't square shaped.
  • She's similar to Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Parker in Liv & Maddie, and Gretchen Grundler in Recess.
  • Her anti fairy godparents were Anti Mama Cosma & Anti Papa Cosma.