Anti Mama Cosma is Anti Cosmo's mom.

Background & History

Anti Mama Cosma started out humble, and still is. She never got bad grades in school and always applied herself. Her parents were always super proud of her and even had the Fairy Council put her name on the Fairy-wood walk of fame. She married Anti Papa Cosma, and they lived happily ever since. She gave birth to Anti Cosmo & Anti Snozmo. She is always super proud of both her kids and would never choose favorites, even when it sounds obvious.

Personality & Appearance

She is the complete opposite of Mama Cosma - she isn't too overprotective and stubborn. She loves her sons equally, and she likes who Anti Cosmo married, since Anti Wanda is a good influence, and he can even be a good influence to her. She is pretty permissive and would let Anti Cosmo and Anti Snozmo get away with a few things. She is very attractive too.

She looks like Mama Cosma. She has blue hair and the typical anti fairy crown and wings. She has fangs like some of them, too.

Fun Facts

  • She is very kind and supportive of her son's dreams.
  • She likes her grandson, Foop, as they have a lot in common.
  • She is super charitable and giving, but isn't like Chloe Carmichael.
  • She was Lisa's anti fairy godmother.
  • She is similar to DJ Tanner in Fuller House, Karen Rooney in Liv & Maddie, Rita Loud in the Loud House, and Katy Hart in Girl Meets World.