Anti Mama Fairywinkle is Anti Wanda & Anti Blonda's mom.

Background & History

Anti Mama Fairywinkle was just like Anti Wanda when she was a teen. She believed she was the best cook, but would constantly compete with her sister as well. She became very rich by marrying Anti Big Daddy. She had Anti Wanda when she was only 19, and had Anti Blonda at 23.

She loves her grand-son, Foop, but wishes that he was just as good a cook like everyone in her family tree.

Personality & Appearance

Anti Mama Fairywinkle is a very nice anti fairy. She is very smart, too. She can cook very well and always made the best dinners when Anti Wanda and Anti Blonda were growing up. She was always super nurturing and a bit overprotective, but she was one of those "cool moms" who could let loose and be silly.

She has short black hair and wears pretty clothes. She has pointy ears, fangs, and a beautiful smile. She is very trendy and has a huge boot collection.

Fun Facts

  • She is very into her daughters lives.
  • She and Anti Big Daddy are a lot alike.
  • She likes Anti Cosmo.
  • She is similar to Anti Timmy's mom, Topanga from Girl Meets World, and Danny Tanner from Full House.