Anti Papa Cosma is Anti Cosmo & Anti Snozmo's dad.

Background & History

Anti Papa Cosma was always a very handsome soul. He was a heartthrob in high school, but was also the school's genius. He met a very like-minded young lady in Mathletes. He ended up marrying Anti Mama Cosma, since she was the same woman that stole his heart. They had Anti Cosmo & Anti Snozmo when they were very young.

Personality & Appearance

He like Anti Cosmo, is very smart, devious, and clever. He like Anti Snozmo is very honest, trustworthy, and clear. He never wants to disappoint anyone. He is very nice and would always do the right thing. He is very big on food, and even tipped his own grand-son, Foop, a million dollars on his restaurant. He's very rich and has always been.

He looks a lot like Anti Snozmo and Anti Cosmo combined. He has black hair like Anti Snozmo, and wears the same clothes that Anti Cosmo would. He even wears a monocle! He has the typical bat wings, pointy ears, and fangs.

Fun Facts

  • He is very bright and capable.
  • He is super fun to be around.
  • He hates insincere people.
  • He is still with Anti Mama Cosma, despite their counterparts divorcing.
  • He was Lisa's anti fairy godfather.
  • He is similar to Anti Timmy's dad, Cory Matthews from Girl Meets World, Lynn Sr in the Loud House, and his son, Anti Cosmo.