Anti Snozmo is Anti Cosmo's brother.

Background & History

Anti Snozmo was born on Friday the 13th like all anti fairies. He was born before Anti Cosmo. He and Anti Cosmo were really close as kids, and still are. He went to Spellementary School and then graduated school early to get an internship in France. There he met Anti Blonda, and they fell in love and got married.

Personality & Appearance

Anti Snozmo is the exact opposite of Snozmo. For one, he never lies and is incredibly honest one hundred percent. He is very nice, though, and would never hurt anyone's feelings. He states the truth in a clear, but tactful way and knows what others think. He is very noble, and would never cheat, even if it seems easier to. He is very smart, and knows nearly everything.

He is a blue anti fairy with glasses and black hair that peaks below his ear. He has fangs like Anti Cosmo, as well as the typical wings and crowns all anti fairies have. He likes wearing fancy clothes such as tuxedos and suits.

Fun Facts

  • He's a lot like Anti Cosmo.
  • He is very bright and fancy.
  • He is super honest and would never tell a lie.
  • He hates white-lies.
  • He hates lying in general.
  • He's very similar to presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.