Anti Sparky is an anti fairy dog from the Anti Fairy pet shop.

Background & History

Anti Sparky was just a little puppy when he got placed in the anti fairy pet-shop. He had a cruel owner, Vicky, who'd abuse him day and night. Her mother ended up placing him in the Anti Fairy World's pet shop. He then got adopted by Foop and his family, who loved him unconditionally.

Personality & Appearance

He is a very cute and furry anti fairy dog. He is very sweet and loves belly rubs. He can be devious and manipulative, especially if it's for the greater good. He isn't like most dogs - he can even talk! He is very smart and knows what he wants. He's very confident and assertive. He gets very aggressive around mean, evil people who'd just abuse him.

Anti Sparky is a round anti fairy dog that's blue. He has a blue collar and a skull on the tip of his tail. He has bushy black hair and bushy eyebrows. He has red eyes and a typical anti fairy crown and bat wings. He has a very big nose.

Fun Facts

  • In his original design, he looked slightly different.
  • He is a very unique dog.
  • He's a lot like Stan from the hit show, Dog With a Blog and Charles in the Loud House.
  • He's good friends with Anti Timmy's pet cats, Bella, Pumpkin, and Sweetpea.
  • He is very sweet and smart.
  • He loves to roll around in mud and prank people.