Anti Timmy is me as an anti fairy.

Background & History

Anti Timmy was born in Turkey. She was then adopted by her parents, Mommy Dite and Hunkules. She grew up to be a very lovely girl. In preschool, she met 4 girls with the same name, Ashley. They used to pick on her frequently. It got worse as she got to 8 years old as she was super immature and was obsessed with Chain Chomps, Hannies, The Cracker, Sly & Gobbo, and a friend at school named Kiana. She had to go to 2 very boring "special" needs schools and she hated it there. Anti Timmy got anti fairy godparents when she turned 13, and she wished to go to a new school near her house, at 16 years old. Later last year, the Ashleys became nice, and her friends. She had also met new friends at her school, along with reuniting with her best friend, Claire. She would later meet and befriend Lisa Loud from the Loud House after being ditched by Claire.

Foop would turn her into an anti fairy and they'd rule the world together.

Personality & Appearance

Anti Timmy's a very nice girl who loves her family. Her main goal in life is to be successful. She's the complete opposite of Timmy, which means she's smart (almost genius level), nice (but not too nice), and popular. She is a very loyal friend and would never cheat. She's super honest and cool.

As an anti fairy, she'd have the same black hair, but with blue highlights. She'd also wear a similar shirt as Foop's skull printed shirt. She'd have the typical anti fairy crown and wings. She'd also have fangs and be blue all over.

In her human form, she's a petite 19 year old girl with wavy shoulder length black hair, dark brown eyes, tanned skin, and really straight teeth, though with a slight overbite. She usually wears cute clothes, jewelry, and make-up.

Fun Facts

  • Anti Timmy's real name is Maddie Dite.
  • She is 19 years old.
  • She has many friends from all over New Hampshire.
  • Her favorite school subject is science.
  • Her fave colors are blue and green.
  • She loves pop music and cool celebrities.
  • She wanted Hillary Clinton to become president.
  • She shared her anti fairy godparents with her good friend Ashley A, who's a bit snobby.
  • Her celebrity crush is Adam Young from her favorite sitcom, Mr. Young.
  • She's similar to Skylar Storm in Mighty Med, Evie from Descendants, Bree from Lab Rats, Riley & Smackle from Girl Meets World, Lisa from the Loud House, Emma from Jessie & Bunk'd, and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.