Anti Wanda is the anti fairy counterpart to Wanda.

Background & History

Anti Wanda was born on Friday, April 13th, 1973. Her parents are Anti Mama Fairywinkle and Anti Big Daddy. She has a pro chef sister, Anti Blonda. She went to Spellementary School and met Anti Cosmo, her husband there. They were best friends, then by high school, they started dating. They later got married.

She was also locked up in Anti Fairy World due to Jorgen's grudge against all anti fairies. She later got out thanks to Timmy. She later became pregnant with Foop.

Personality & Appearance

Anti Blonda is a silly anti fairy. She can be very dumb and ditzy, but is also pretty smart and capable. She loves food and likes eating with her feet.

She is an anti fairy with a big hair swirl. She wears cool, and cozy clothes. She has the typical bat wings and crown. She wears black earrings and has really crooked teeth that peek below her mouth. She is blue all over like all the anti fairies, and has pink eyes.

Fun Facts

  • She gave birth to Foop.
  • She doesn't nag anybody, unlike Wanda.
  • She is pretty reckless, but not as much as Cosmo.
  • She eats with her feet.
  • Her favorite foods are chocolates and sandwiches, sometimes even chocolate sandwiches!
  • She is a great chef and even invents weird looking foods.
  • She is very pretty and the most attractive anti fairy, along with her sister, Anti Blonda.
  • She is very similar to Cher from Clueless, London Tipton from the Suite Life, Leni & Loni from the Loud House, Karen from Mean Girls, and Ivy from Mr. Young.