Big Daddy Fairywinkle is the counterpart of Anti-Big Daddy.

 Character Info:

Big Daddy is Wanda and Blonda's dad. He is a trash collecting kingpin who owns his own garbage business. He is responsible for all the trash in Fairy World. He is often strict and authoritative, and can be somewhat intimidating and manipulative.


Big Daddy is pretty intimidating, yet has a soft side. He is very strict with his daughters and somewhat manipulative to his customers. He is also very passionate about his trash collecting job and hates when his plans for the business get foiled.


  • He can be compared to a Mafia boss in some of his business tactics.
  • He hates Jorgen's intimidating personality, despite being somewhat intimidating himself.
  • He often rivals with Anti-Big Daddy.
  • He has a pink horse head pillow named Mr. Nay-Nay, which he sleeps with.
  • Wanda and Blonda both love him, despite being somewhat terrified by him.
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