Big Daddy is Wanda and Blonda's dad.

Background & History

Big Daddy started out pretty normal, except he'd always mess things up. He was really rich as a kid and always had a thousand dollar allowances. He was very fun to take out on dates. He and Mama Fairywinkle met in middle school, and he was attracted to her instantly. He hated always being compared to Anti Timmy's enemy, Hit Girl's dad; since they have the same name. He married Mama Fairywinkle and had two lovely girls, Wanda & Blonda. He raised them right and would never harm anyone.

Personality & Appearance

He is very kind and funny. He is super smart, and isn't like a typical fairy. He can fix things very well, especially after Cosmo breaks them. He is very capable and would never let anyone down. He is the boss of his own car wash company. He is very good at selling things - even trash!

He is a chunky fairy who wears a purple suit and a white hat with purple trim. He has a slight scar on his cheek and has the typical fairy wings.

Fun Facts

  • He shares the name with Kamek's girlfriend's evil dad, though they are nothing alike.
  • He is super charitable and would fix things for no money at all.
    • Though sometimes he can get stingy with his money, as well.
  • He is very helpful to everyone.
  • He hates Cosmo's stupidity and thinks he's a bad influence on Wanda.
  • He also hates Snozmo and thinks he's a bad influence on Blonda.
  • He is similar to Herman from Violetta, Robby Ray from Hannah Montana, and Sirius Black in Harry Potter.