Binky Abdul is Jorgen's minion and opposite personality counterpart.

 Character Info:

Binky is Jorgen's minion who he often beats up. He once had his own show, Leave It To Binky, but it got cancelled by his mother. He is often picked on and bullied by Jorgen, but he considers Jorgen his friend. He later stands up to Jorgen, but gains an enemy determined to get revenge on him from Jorgen instead.


Binky is very similar to Anti-Jorgen. He is very wimpy, shy, and accident prone. He is also very naive, not knowing that Jorgen is bad for him. He is also very cheerful and optimistic, often a glass overflowing thinker.


  • He doesn't have an anti-fairy counterpart, as Jorgen sent the Anti-Binky to the Hocus Poconos and made sure Binky stayed in Fairy World.
  • He and Jorgen have a somewhat toxic relationship.
  • It's hard for him to make friends.
  • He likes being himself, even when Jorgen keeps picking on him.
  • He does nearly everything Jorgen says.
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