Blonda Fairywinkle is the counterpart of Anti-Blonda.

 Character Info:

Blonda is the twin sister of Wanda. She is a famous Fairy-wood actress starring in Jorgen's favorite soap opera, All My Biceps. She is often very shallow, snobby, and materialistic, but has toned it down a little since raising Angel. She is often in a rivalry with Wanda and looks down on her simple way of living.


Blonda is very much your typical pampered movie star. She is very snobby and vain, yet has a caring side when it comes to Snozmo and Angel. She is also very ditzy and gets confused about many things, similar to Cosmo.


  • She is very rich and successful.
  • She often looks down on poorer fairies and anti-fairies.
  • She despises Jorgen as he made her cancel her new movie gigs to stay on All My Biceps.
  • She thinks her anti-fairy counterpart is beneath her.
  • She is obsessed with making money, often selling "Blonda" merchandise.
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