Blonda is Wanda's sister.

Background & History

Blonda was a very famous baby as well. She would always beat Wanda in competitions and brag all the time. She joined a children's beauty pageant and would always get the gold medals. She would later date Juandissimo in high school, but he'd dump her for himself. Blonda eventually fell in love with Snozmo and they got married and had a daughter, Angel.

Personality & Appearance

Blonda is a very beautiful and vain fairy. She is a famous star in Fairy World. She is pretty snobby and rude. She likes to buy a lot of things, and she is filthy rich. She is very spoiled and was Daddy's Little Girl when she was young.

She has blonde hair and pink eyes. She frequently wears expensive dresses and boas. She is super fancy.

Fun Facts

  • She is very similar to Ludmilla in Violetta, the Jennifers in Full House, Lola & Lexx in the Loud House, Anti Timmy's frenemy, Ashley A, Lacienega in the Proud Family, and the Perfs in How to Rock.
  • She is very popular and she was prom queen.
  • She is a good singer.
  • She judges Fairy Idol.
  • She is very different than Wanda.