Cadde Cosma is the counterpart to Callie.

 Character Info:

Cadde is Foop and Goldie's daughter. She is very much the opposite of her brother. She takes after her mother quite a bit. She is shy, kind, and gentle. She can also be somewhat naive, but is very intelligent and loves to read. She always gets compared to Pentrenellisyntheniso by adults and doesn't like it at all.


Cadde takes after her mother quite a bit, which means she's very kind, sweet, but also painfully shy. She is pretty smart, but has her ditzy moments.She's very shy, timid, and likes to do nice things for others.


  • She doesn't understand her dad's and brother's passion for world domination.
  • She gets overlooked a lot, which she hates.
  • She isn't the most social.
  • Callie frequently picks on her.
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