Cosmo is the counterpart of Anti Cosmo.

Background & History

Cosmo was always very stupid with no common sense. He was born on June 8th, 1972. He was the last fairy baby before Poof. His parents are Mama Cosma and Papa Cosma. He went to Spellementary School, but he was hardly ever there. He met Wanda there, and he almost never made it to high school. Turned out, he never graduated from high school, as he flunked out of all his classes and had dropped out because he thought school was so boring. He then went to the fairy academy, in which he failed miserably. He ended up getting many godchildren (even him traveling back in time to have prehistorical godchildren, as well as some from the middle ages and colonial times!) He eventually settled with Timmy, who later became a fairy.

Personality & Appearance

Cosmo is a very moronic fairy. He can't even count past 2. He grants all of Timmy's stupid wishes without even thinking. He never uses his powers responsibly. He likes weird random things, which turn many people off.

He has green hair, and wears a white button down shirt with a black tie (he thinks this style makes him look smarter) He has the typical fairy wand, wings, and crown.

Fun Facts

  • Wanda even doesn't like Cosmo's stupidity, but she is just as dumb and naive and gullible as he is.
  • He doesn't like Anti Cosmo.
  • As a teen, he ditched school frequently.
  • He hates any brain powered thinking.
  • He doesn't like Anti Timmy, as he thinks she's too smart.
    • He doesn't like Lisa and her fairy counterpart, Levi, for the same reason.
  • He prefers to nap with a stuffed horse Wanda's dad called Mr. Nay Nay.
  • He has a very small brain, but in actuality it is full of jelly.
  • He's similar to Kaz from Mighty Med, Leni & Loni in the Loud House, Adam from Lab Rats, or Derby from Mr. Young.