Cupid is the Fairy of Love.

Background & History

Cupid came from a bunch of like-minded fairies. He learned to love like magic. He instantly became friends with all the other fairies. He went to the same school as any anti fairy or fairy would go to. He first invented Valentines Day on a cold, snowy February. He decided at first to call it St. Cupid's Day, but decided against it in the end. He went with Valentines Day because it's his last name.

Personality & Appearance

Cupid is a very kind, loving, and generous fairy. He loves everything. He is super easygoing, even when things don't go his way. He is very nice and smart too. He likes everyone, and can always see the best in people, even people like Kamek or Vicky. He could never tolerate abusive couples, since they are so mean and unforgiving. Cupid is a fairy with a pink bow tie and a diaper. He wears a shirt with two hearts on it and has fluffier wings than any other fairy. He has the typical crown too.

Fun Facts

  • He is very loving
  • He loves everything
  • He tries to see the good in everyone, even Vicky!
  • He is very positive.
  • He doesn't like abusive relationships.
  • He is very easy-going.
  • He invented Valentines Day.
  • He's similar to Belle in Beauty & The Beast, Cady in Mean Girls, & Violetta Castillo.