Cupid is the counterpart of Anti-Cupid.

 Character Info:

He is a fairy whose purpose is to create love all over the world, and he will die if there is no love. Although he "loves love", he has a greedy, selfish side to him and is easily irritated. He has feminine and flamboyant mannerisms, but is quite well-spoken.


Cupid is a very loving, kind, and down-to-earth fairy. He's very tolerant of everyone, and looks for the best in everyone even the most horrific of people. He is extremely generous, yet can be very greedy, selfish, and easily irritated. He is also pretty positive and looks for the bright side to things.


  • Cupid is altogether a fairy, a god, and a holiday character.
  • He loves Valentine's day and is its primary mascot.
  • He loves everyone, even heartless evil people (such as Zhan Tiri, Mother Gothel, Matthew, Tromus, Vicky, Mr. Crocker, and Anti-Goldie.)
    • However, he can't stand Anti-Cupid and Jorgen, due to their intolerance for love.
  • He is often seen spreading love throughout the universe.
  • He is extremely loving and has many crushes (girl and guy) that changes daily.
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