Da Rules is the super oppressive rule book to the fairies.

List of Rules:

  1. No wishing to win a competition
  2. No wishing for a Mr. Young reunion
  3. No wishing to kill, maim, or harm someone (even your evil enemy)
  4. No wishing for true love
  5. No wishing to become a fairy
  6. No wishing to rule the world
  7. No wishing to pop out of nowhere
  8. No wishing to be stronger than Jorgen Von Strangle
  9. No wishing to meet Tom Cruise
  10. No wishing for your fairy to have a baby
  11. No wishing for money
  12. No wishing to live forever
  13. No wishing for unlimited power
  14. No revealing the existence of your fairy godparents to anyone
  15. Fairies should only grant wishes to miserable children on Earth
  16. No breakfast wishes after 10:00 AM
  17. No one can wish away Da Rules or any rule
  18. No wishing away potentially harmful diseases

19. No one below Jorgen's power should write in Da Rules

There are more rules, yet Jorgen frequently enforces the ones above.


  • Jorgen wrote Da Rules
  • It has many bad and oppressive rules
  • Once, fairies had a strike against Da Rules
  • There is no Anti Da Rule book
  • The fairy council thought of Da Rules before Jorgen.
    • Jorgen, however, plagiarized their idea, and replaced their idea with good rules to make the book with horrible, oppressive rules.
  • If a fairy tries granting a wish that breaks Da Rules, their wands get weak and make a farting noise.
  • Levi & Anti Levi shredded Da Rules, but Jorgen always made sure it came back.