Darcy is a new fairy who is friends with Anti Levi.

Background & History

Darcy was originally just a regular girl who was a classmate of Lisa (the Anti Levi). She became a fairy after Lisa became an anti fairy and she wanted to turn Darcy into her own kind, but accidentally made her a fairy instead.

Personality & Appearance

Darcy is incredibly kind, yet very naive. She is very much your typical fairy. She isn't aware that Lisa secretly torments her. She is super idealistic and thinks the best in everyone. She isn't really too smart, but she is really loyal and cares about others.

Darcy looks much like her human self with brown hair, tan skin, and commonly wears a blue flowered tank top with khaki shorts, a small band aid on her knee, magenta ankle socks, and light up sneakers. She has the typical fairy wand, crown, and wings.

Fun Facts

  • She is 4 years old like Lisa.
  • She loves giraffes
  • She isn't a main fairy.
  • She is friends with Lisa.
  • She's similar to Karen in Mean Girls, Ivy in Mr. Young, Gus in Recess, Leni & Loni in the Loud House, and Grace in How to Rock.