Darko Glowgolden is the counterpart of Golden.

 Character Info:

Darko is Anti-Goldie's father. Unlike Golden, Darko's more serious, pessimistic, and well-read. He is into writing stories and wants to be a famous author. He often spoils his daughter and has similar interests with her.


Darko is the opposite of Golden. He can be rather cynical, pessimistic, and gloomy. He doesn't like Anti-Cosmo, and can sometimes be seen picking on him. He isn't too forgiving and can't stand bossiness, especially coming from his own daughter.


  • Though he often spoils her, he can't stand Anti-Goldie's demanding personality.
  • Darko is somewhat similar to Anti-Cosmo.
  • He is very cynical and sarcastic.
  • He likes making money off of his books and aspires to be a famous author.
  • He becomes human along with Anti-Goldie.
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