Fairies are the counterpart of Anti-Fairies.


Fairies have been around a very long time. The Fairy Council and Jorgen were among the first fairies to exist. They are very powerful, yet many are incredibly clueless. Jorgen first became dictator of the fairies when the Fairy Council went on a hundred year business trip. Jorgen took a little vacation from ruling the fairies when he got married to Zhan Tiri and had a son, Dominic. After Zhan Tiri ditched him, he completely remodeled Fairy World and made all the fairies work under harsh conditions.

Fairies like Cosmo, Wanda, Blonda, Snozmo, Juandissimo, Binky, Butterfly, and Golden came towards the 70's, 80's, and 90's when more fairies began giving birth. Male fairies have often been the ones to give birth, but on rare occasions, females gave birth after getting extra male fairy hormones.

Notable Members

  1. Cosmo (formerly)
  2. Wanda (formerly)
  3. Poof (formerly)
  4. Sparky (formerly)
  5. Goldie (formerly)
  6. Cadde (if Foop & Goldie never became human)
  7. Junior (if Poof & Anti-Goldie never became human)
  8. Jorgen
  9. Cupid
  10. Snozmo
  11. Blonda
  12. Angel
  13. Juandissimo
  14. Binky
  15. Butterfly (before Jorgen killed her)
  16. Golden (before Jorgen killed him)
  17. Fairy Council
  18. Mama Cosma
  19. Papa Cosma
  20. Big Daddy
  21. Mama Fairywinkle


  • They aren't the brightest, but can do well in a crisis.
  • The fairies are incredibly diverse with many different colors, powers, and even shapes.
  • They often protect Fairy World and Earth.
  • Jorgen is the most feared dictator of Fairy World, but the fairies work every day to stop him.
  • The fairies usually are responsible for having fairy godchildren.
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