The Fairy Council is the counterpart of the Anti-Fairy Council.

 Character Info:

The Fairy Council is pretty much like the Supreme Court for the fairies. They often hold trials and judge the rules that Jorgen puts in Da Rules. However, Jorgen has overthrown them, and they now have little power in Fairy World aside from doing Jorgen's errands.


The Fairy Council are strong, authoritative types. They care about their fellow fairies and doing what's right. They can be commanding, but are fair, unlike Jorgen.


  • They don't like most of Jorgen's rules that he put in Da Rules.
  • They are the oldest fairies - even older than Jorgen himself!
  • Like Jorgen, the Fairy Council doesn't like the anti-fairies, however they are tolerant of them.
  • They can be kind of strict.
  • They founded Fairy World.
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