The Fairy Council are the judges of Fairy World.

Background & History

The Fairy Council started out as humble fairies, but they wanted to make a difference. They were first introduced in Wishology, where they encouraged Timmy and his fairies to stop the Darkness and Eliminators. They have encouraged the fairies to do other things too, one that's not so great - destroy the anti fairies. Jorgen later overpowered them and stole almost all of their magic, as he was jealous of the Fairy Council's success, power, and wisdom.

Personality & Appearance

The Fairy Council are in charge of everything that goes on in Fairy World. They are very considerate of others views, but will give harsh punishments if one deserves it. They can be very dumb and naive, much like all the fairies, but they are considered wise to the fairies, as they don't have anyone to look up to that's smart. They are very charitable and giving and encourages fairy godparents to grant unselfish wishes.

The Fairy Council has three members who are all robed. There's a medium teal one, a tall blue one, and a short red one. They always cover their faces, and they have the typical fairy crowns, but no wings. There used to be a fat purple one, but he quit the council.

Fun Facts

  • The Fairy Council is pretty dumb and gullible, too like all fairies.
  • They however are wiser than most fairies.
  • They are intimidated by Jorgen.
  • They aren't scared of anything else.
  • They are extremely powerful, and sometimes power hungry.
  • They always cover up their faces and mostly their hands.
  • They are similar to the Nazis in World War II