Fairy World is where all the fairies live.


Fairy World has been around for a very long time. It was built by the Fairy Council and Jorgen after Jorgen rose to power. Fairy World was built above Giant Bucket of Acid World, because the rent was poor. It has since been the hometown of many fairies. Timmy Turner frequently visited this place a lot, but it regularly is threatened by Timmy's nutty teacher, Mr. Crocker, who wants to have the power for himself.

List of Residents

  1. Cosmo (formerly)
  2. Wanda (formerly)
  3. Poof (formerly)
  4. Sparky (formerly)
  5. Goldie (formerly)
  6. Jorgen
  7. Cupid
  8. Snozmo
  9. Blonda
  10. Angel
  11. Juandissimo
  12. Binky
  13. Butterfly (before Jorgen killed her)
  14. Golden (before Jorgen killed him)
  15. Fairy Council
  16. Mama Cosma
  17. Papa Cosma
  18. Big Daddy
  19. Mama Fairywinkle


  • It's a main location in Fairly Odd Parents.
  • Jorgen rules Fairy World with an iron fist.
  • Abracatraz is often the prison Jorgen locks up the anti-fairies, and once, Zhan Tiri, until she escaped.
  • It is very big and broad.
  • Mr. Crocker is Fairy World's #1 enemy.
  • It has so many different colors and views.
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