Foop Cosma is the counterpart of Poof

 Character Info:

Foop is the son of Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda, and Poof's counterpart. Since every Fairy has an Anti-Fairy counterpart, Poof's Anti-Fairy counterpart was born to Anti-Wanda and Anti-Cosmo, with the mother giving birth since in Anti-Fairy Pregnancy females do so, as opposed to males giving birth in Fairy Pregnancy. Because Poof is so nice and attracts so much positive attention, Foop was extremely jealous of his counterpart. Foop wanted nothing but to destroy Poof.


Foop is very intelligent and also very devious. Though he can be a bit cruel, he's very nice and cares for his friends. He can be overlooked at times, which irritates him.


  • He became human when Jorgen Von Strangle, made a bunch more oppressing rules that his parents and Poof could no longer tolerate.
  • Sometimes he doesn't think through his schemes.
  • He liked to make friends that are unlike him usually.
    • However he became friends with people like him because his former friends turned on him.
  • He also likes to make others suffer.
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