Foop is one of the main anti fairies on Fairly Odd Parents.

Background & History

Foop was born on Friday, March 13th, 2009. He has made such big milestones in his first year of birth. His parents are Anti Cosmo and Anti Wanda. He wants to be president of the US when he grows up. He also hopes to make history way more than Poof ever would.

Personality & Appearance

Foop is a very cute baby. He is pretty smart and devious, much like his father, Anti Cosmo. He can be slightly immature, but is far more mature than his friends Poof & Angel. He is the best in his class in Spellementary School, though others take that for granted. He is somewhat manipulative and very confident. He is super kind and charitable, but also thinks about himself numerous times. He has a very complex personality, and his morals aren't all good or bad. He's just who he is. He wouldn't hesitate to destroy pure evil or mind-numbingly stupid people.

He is a square shaped baby like all anti fairy babies are. He likes to wear cool clothes. He has a crown and bat wings like all the anti fairies. He has fangs like Anti Cosmo. He has a strand of hair that forms an F. He has facial hair, despite being a baby, which he had when he dressed as a girl, too. He uses a blue baby bottle with bat wings on the sides as his source for his magical powers.

Fun Facts

  • Foop can speak at an adult level unlike Poof.
  • He isn't very popular at Spellementary School, despite being best friends with Poof.
  • He used to want to destroy Poof.
  • He can get very jealous of Poof a lot.
  • He is very strong and powerful, more so than Jorgen.
  • He disguised himself as a girl to destroy Timmy's selfless friend Chloe.
  • He is also known as Anti Poof.
  • He was briefly in Mr. Crocker & Dark Laser's evil club, the LOSERS (League of Super Evil Revenge Seekers)
  • He's very similar to Adam Young from Mr. Young, Pim Diffy in Phil of the Future, Chase & Douglas in Lab Rats, Lisa & Levi in the Loud House, Max & Phoebe in the Thundermans, Farkle in Girl Meets World, and Harry Potter.
  • He once cloned himself, but his clone was evil and maniacal, unlike the real Foop.
    • His clone was very similar to Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter, the Annihilator & Mr. Terror in Mighty Med, Krane & Giselle in Lab Rats, the Gross sisters in the Proud Family, Dark Mayhem in the Thundermans, Kamek & Hit Girl, and Rodissius in Lab Rats: Elite Force.