Golden Goldenglow-Glowgolden is the counterpart of Darko.

 Character Info:

Golden is Goldie's father. He is very much like Goldie and is very positive, fun loving, and kind-hearted. He often got in trouble with Jorgen for breaking Da Rules to help those in need. He got killed by Jorgen when Goldie tried to stand up to him.


Golden is a very optimistic, generous fairy. He isn't as level headed as his wife, often making a lot of mistakes and can be rather ditzy, yet not as much as Cosmo. He is also very brave and willing to stand up for what's right.


  • He likes helping others.
  • He is pretty good at science, but often gets confused at math.
  • He likes cooking, but isn't too good at it.
  • He is pretty smart like Goldie, yet has a lot to learn.
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