Goldie Goldenglow is the counterpart of Anti-Goldie.

 Character Info:

Goldie is pretty different than Foop, yet is pretty similar. She's very smart, kind, and loyal. She's pretty popular, yet only has a few very close friends. She also gets annoyed at Poof for saying only one thing, but she still likes him. She and Foop became a couple after he saved her from Jorgen Von Strangle.


Goldie is very sweet and smart. She is pretty innocent and can be naive, but she's also pretty tough. She is very sociable and excitable. She is also very intelligent and excels at reading and science.


  • She is Foop's first and only girlfriend.
  • She and Foop will get married in the future.
  • Foop and Poof used to compete for her affection.
  • She likes both Poof and Foop, but likes Foop more.
  • She gets tired of Poof only saying one thing.
  • Cosmo and Wanda are her adoptive parents after Jorgen Von Strangle destroyed her parents.
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