Jorgen Von Strangle is the counterpart of Anti-Jorgen.

 Character Info:

Jorgen is the dictator of Fairy World, and recently, Anti-Fairy World. He is the strongest and toughest fairy in Fairy World, and also the meanest. He is responsible for many catastrophic things inside Fairy World, and outside (such as Zhan Tiri's rise to villainy, him overthrowing the Fairy and Anti-Fairy councils, and the fairies and anti-fairies revolting against him and Da Rules.) He wrote Da Rules around a thousand years after hearing an idea from the Fairy Council about a rule book for the fairies. He's never had a godchild, and often is seen telling other fairies' godchildren what to do.


Jorgen is very much your typical evil dictator. He's very bossy, commanding, and evil. He likes telling everyone what to do - even people he considered his friends or significant others. He is often very abusive, cold hearted, and cruel, and abuses nearly everybody he meets. He used to be friends with Cosmo and Wanda, but turned them away because of his evil, bossy attitude.


  • He is evil, ruthless, and cruel.
  • He thinks he's better than everyone else.
  • He wrote and enforces Da Rules.
  • He commonly beats the other fairies and anti-fairies up.
  • He killed Goldie's parents, forcing her to live with Cosmo and Wanda.
  • He is the tallest fairy in the universe.
  • When he was dating and married to Zhan Tiri, he often abused her and criticized her, often calling her too weak to be a villain.
    • This eventually made her heart turn cold and ditch Jorgen forever, while also vowing revenge on him, Fairy World, Anti-Fairy World, and all fairies and anti-fairies.
      • He later got married to the Tooth Fairy, only to treat her the same way he treated Zhan Tiri, plus cheated on her with other women.
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