Jorgen is the head of all the fairies.

Background & History

Jorgen wasn't always mean and tough. He was slightly wimpy as a teenager, but grew into his muscular physique at 20 years of age. He then became fairy world dictator when his parents suggested him to find a hobby. He began by terrorizing the Fairy council, and he eventually got the big wand that was locked away. No one wanted the wand to be in the wrong hands, but it soon became an issue when he started picking fights with the neighboring worlds, notably the Anti fairies.

Personality & Appearance

He is a mean, gruff, and tough fairy. He beats people up for no reason. Jorgen is very angry inside and uses his rage against others.

He is a tall muscular man with a slight tan. He wears a green army outfit and carries around a big tall star wand. He has the typical fairy crown floating over his head.

Fun Facts

  • Jorgen is an ego maniac who wants to crush weak people.
  • Jorgen has been bullied in the past, which in return makes him a bully today.
  • He isn't all bad - sometimes he's actually helped Fairy world.
  • He wrote Da Rules, the strict rule book for all the fairies.
  • He's much like Donald Trump, a meaner Slab from Mr. Young, the Gross sisters in the Proud Family, or Adolf Hitler.
    • But when he was a kid, he was like Stephanie's friend, Charles, in Full House, as he got abused by his dad.