Juandissimo is the fairy opposite to Anti Juandissimo.

Background & History

Juandissimo was a rich and greedy kid. He wanted more material items. This resulted in him getting sent to the Fairy Academy because he'd flaunt himself suggestively to total strangers. He then developed an obsessive crush on Wanda in high school. He was really jealous when Wanda chose Cosmo. He then became a fairy godparent to poor little rich boy Remy. He later ditched Remy for his "sexy" muscles.

Personality & Appearance

Juandissimo is a really conceited fairy. He is very selfish and vain. He only cares about himself and his muscles, which he calls his sexy sausages. He is extremely rude and impolite. Even as a baby, he was very self absorbed and conceited. His favorite thing in the world is a mirror.

He is a super handsome fairy with a plain shirt. He has big, bulging muscles and has a big ego. He has the typical fairy wings, wand, and crown.

Fun Facts

  • Juandissimo has a Spanish accent
  • He came from Mexico.
  • He is a big jerk to those who challenge him.
  • He doesn't like his Anti Fairy counterpart as they're complete opposites.
  • He's similar to Gaston, in Beauty & the Beast, Prince Hans in Frozen & a meaner Chad Charming in Descendants.