Juandissimo Magnifico is the counterpart of Anti-Juandissimo.

 Character Info:

Juandissimo is Remy's fairy godparent who is incredibly narcissistic and shallow. He is smitten with Wanda, despite Wanda already being married to Cosmo. He isn't too bright and often thinks he's the greatest thing. Remy later gets tired of his self-centered attitude and dumps him as a fairy godparent.


Juandissimo is incredibly shallow, vain, and vapid. He's incredibly conceited and thinks he's the greatest, when really, he's not because he's very selfish and thinks of no one but himself. He is also very snobby and condescending, often looking down on fairies and anti-fairies he thinks aren't as attractive as him.


  • He often takes his shirt off and calls himself sexy.
  • He wrote a song titled "I'm too Sexy for my Sexy" about himself.
  • He used Remy for his money.
  • He is often picked on by Jorgen, but often tries to kiss up to him, despite hating him.
  • He can be rather two-faced sometimes.
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