Junior Fairywinkle is the counterpart to Pentrenellisytheniso.

 Character Info:

Junior is Poof and Anti-Goldie's future son. He takes after his dad quite a bit. He is the counterpart and opposite of Pentrenellisytheniso, often butting heads with him. He's heard of the stories about Jorgen Von Strangle and actually supports him.


He can be very gullible, naive, and not too bright, often taking things too literally. He is very shy, but has a dark side like his dad.


  • He and Pentrenellisytheniso have a similar dynamic to Poof and Foop.
  • He thinks Jorgen's done good for Fairy World, even if it's further from the truth.
  • He can be kind of arrogant.
  • He isn't as smart as his mother and takes after his dad quite a bit.
  • Pentre picks on Junior a lot, to Junior often seeking revenge.
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