Levi is the newest fairy. He guest starred in the Loud House.

Background & History

He is from an alternate universe where Lisa is a boy. He is incredibly smart, like Lisa. He has 10 siblings, too, but having one sister - Linka - and 9 brothers - Loki, Loni, Luke, Lane, Lynn, Lars, Lexx, Leif, and Leon. He also always took pride in his experiments and was also the youngest to become a Nobel Prize recipient.

He became a fairy due to getting fairy godparents, and they granted his wish to be one of them, away from his meddling siblings.

Personality & Appearance

Levi is the only smart fairy. He is insanely smart, considering his age and species. He is very kind, but self-centered as well, and loves to do science experiments. He is very smart, always willing to point out any flaws in how fairies grant wishes. He is also crafty and devious, and is willing to turn against every fairy.

He is a taller fairy with short brown hair that's layered. He has glasses and tends to wear a white lab coat with green gloves and pink trouser pants. He has the typical fairy crown, wings, and wand.

His human appearance was exactly the same, except he didn't have the wings, crown and wand.

Fun Facts

  • Levi is the only intelligent fairy.
    • Due to this, he shuns every fairy and prefers to hang with the anti fairies.
  • He is also only four years old along with Lisa (the Anti Levi)
  • Every fairy besides Cupid thinks Levi is a traitor, due to preferring to hang out with the anti fairies.
  • He has 10 siblings like Lisa, but 1 sister and 9 brothers.
  • He can be slightly childish at times, unlike Lisa.
  • He is the only baby/toddler fairy who isn't circle shaped.
  • He's similar to Albert Einstein, Mr. Adam Young from Mr. Young, Simon from Alvin & the Chipmunks, Oliver from Mighty Med, Barry from Best Friends Whenever, and Cody from the Suite Life.
  • His fairy godparents were Mama Cosma & Papa Cosma.